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What is the concierge difference?

Concierge Physical Therapy services allow clients and families to have the expertise of a skilled physical therapist providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment to your child within your home, or another convenient location.  YOU schedule the time.  YOU schedule the location.  In order to change functional performance, it is important to have a strong understanding of what happens within each setting.  A mobile, concierge model in which the therapist travels to you, allows the therapist to work on the needs of your child in that specific setting.  This practice model also eliminates the hassle of wait times or seeing multiple providers which can be typical in a larger clinical setting.  

why launch pediatric physical therapy?

I have over a decade of experience working with children from birth to young adults with a wide variety of diagnoses.  As a working Mom, I FULLY understand the challenge of managing the color-coded family schedule, work commitments, and attempt to create a level of balance for our family.  In my experience, I am far from alone--families are busy & time is precious.  The idea of a mobile practice grew out of a dream to eliminate the barriers that come with the hassle of something else on the schedule.  I aim to create a meaningful time with your child that helps them master their gross motor skills in a way that eliminates the burden of travel to sterile office visits.  

-Jennifer Bastian, PT, DPT, C/NDT

Founder of Launch Pediatric Rehab

Located in Grand Haven, MI

Proudly serving families within a 40 mile radius

I am proud and thankful to have been voted the top pediatric physical therapy provider in 2023



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