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Life happens where you are, why should therapy be different?


Launch Pediatric Rehab implements a comprehensive evaluation process to build a treatment plan specific to your child's unique needs.

We are highly experienced in working with a wide variety of pediatric diagnoses including (but not limited to): 

How does therapy work?

The Michigan Physical Therapy Practice Act states that a physical therapist is able to evaluate and treat for 21 consecutive days or 10 visits (whichever comes first) without a prescription.  Following that time, we will seek a prescription from your child's pediatrician or an appropriate specialist.  Throughout the duration of treatment, the physical therapist will communicate with the physician to ensure that we are teaming together to meet the needs of your child.  

Launch Pediatric Rehab offers free 20 minute virtual or phone consultations to determine if physical therapy is right for your child.  We can also support you in obtaining a prescription for therapy services.


Launch Pediatric Rehab provides comprehensive physical therapy evaluations.  These include a 60-minute appointment with full historical intake of your child's medical and surgical history with family insight on areas of current strengths and concerns.  The hands on evaluation includes range of motion measurements, strength assessment, functional observations, and standardized testing to glean appropriate clinical insight of your child's current level of performance.  In order to achieve all of these components, it is requested that the initial evaluation is completed at a 'home base' environment in order to best achieve the desired outcome.  Following the evaluation, the therapist will write up a comprehensive report, including goal areas and provide a written copy to the prescribing physician to initiate the plan of care.  

Launch Pediatric Rehab will perform a re-evaluation on your child every 3 months to update goal areas and determine progress.  A formal written report will be completed and sent to the physician for approval in order to update the physical therapy prescription and continue the plan of care as appropriate.  


This is where it gets fun!  Treatment sessions are individualized to your child's unique needs and interests.  Therapy will focus on achieving goals in a functional environment to allow for comfort and enjoyment throughout the session.  This may look like working with a baby on floor mobility skills, playing "restaurant" with a toddler to practice transfer and balance skills, or helping your school-aged child climb playground equipment and step over obstacles at the park.  

Family participation is KEY!  Because we value your input and support, we request that families remain present in the area throughout the session.  You can absolutely attend to a sibling at the park, make dinner for your family, or enjoy a peaceful moment of rest in the other room--we appreciate your availability and proximity should any needs arise!


Following each session families will receive home programming activities to support the targeted areas from the session.  


Because we value a team approach, we will collaborate with with school therapists, equipment vendors, orthotists, and outside providers to ensure that your child's team is working together!


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