"Ms. Jen came highly recommended and absolutely lived up to our expectations. She was professional, easy to work with, and wonderful with our son (& very kind and patient with our other children)! Jen was resourceful and creative with using what we had at our house to make a good therapy/learning environment for our son. She always provided a very detailed after-visit summary so I could remember what we needed to work on in between appointments. I would highly recommend Launch Pediatric Rehab." 

-Adrienne F., Mother of Gus

Could you get any SWEETER feedback than this?!

The feeling is mutual, friend.

"Ms. Jen was kind and compassionate throughout the rehab process.  We worked with her for 9 months and during that time Ms. Jen quickly became a favorite of my daughter. Therapy was fun, playful, creative, engaging, and interactive. The exercises used were simple things we could continue to do at home to further promote growth and strength. Ms. Jen was also able to set us up with any additional equipment needed throughout the process. She was knowledgeable and used several techniques throughout treatment. Our experience with Ms. Jen was personable, encouraging and flexible. Our daughter enjoyed her time in therapy and we recommend Ms. Jen to any family needing rehabilitative services."  -Jillianne F., Mother of Evie

"Excellent experience all around, Jen is very knowledgeable and wonderful with children. Highly recommend for your kiddo." -Lindsay R.

"We love coming to see ms. Jen! she is great with our son. she always has so many fun things to try with him and is ready to change things around to keep him happy but also getting the work done at the same time. our son has progressed so much since starting with her, it is amazing!" -cat t.

"Jen helped guide us on our journey with our daughter having torticollis. Throughout all the ups and downs we had with recurring torticollis, she was always there to help us with our questions and concerns. Penny always loved seeing Ms. Jen and would smile as soon as she heard the sound of her voice!" -Anna C., Mother of Penny

"excellent job. She always thinks about my daughter's needs and her safety when carrying out the activities, in addition to the fact that my daughter has improved her gross motor skills" -cinthya m., Mother of Renata


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